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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Philly Post: Pleurisy and Renovation Don't Mix

Until recently, I knew virtually nothing about pleurisy except that it sounds like something an 80 year old grandmother might contract.  Apparently 40 something grandmothers get it, too.  This protracted bout has involved a fun trip to the ER, a brief and even more fun hospital stay, many tests that left me wondering how much more fun I could handle, medicine galore and ten days on the couch.  It's been weeks now and I'm getting there, but this blog (and many other things in my life) have been sadly neglected.  And, I've been banned from the basement when renovation is underway since the dust is not good for my still irritated lungs.  But, I have pictures and progress continues!

First and foremost, we moved my older washer and dryer from VA to Philly - these sat in our dining room, piled with tools for several weeks while the basement was readied - very attractive for visitors to see this when they stepped into our home:

Then Rob rearranged the layout and installed a new dryer vent - apparently Wissahickon Shist can be a bit challenging to drill through, even with the proper tools:

The washer and dryer from VA, even though not brand new, were about forty years newer than the ones we inherited with the Philly house (see above picture of the ancient washer outside after we moved it out of the basement).

The washer and dryer and a brand new utility sink were then installed in the basement:

If the utility sink looks familiar to you, you have a good eye.  We liked the one we installed in Glenlochan so much that we duplicated it in Philly - the faucet is a pullout sprayer, which is so convenient.  Washing and drying clothes in Philly is now a dream - so efficient and 21st century!

In other basement progress, the crumbling window well was completely repaired.  From this:

To this:

And the laborious removal of old morter and re-parging continues, as well:

I can't say that I'm sad to miss out on all this fun!