Glenlochan -The Beginning

Glenlochan -The Beginning
Glenlochan - The Beginning

Glenlochan Today

Glenlochan Today
Glenlochan Today

Sunday, June 21, 2015

The Boat Project

Because we don't have enough projects in our life we, of course, bought a boat that is, well, a bit of a project.  Rob's been searching for this exact model on the used boat market for over 8 months so when it came on the market AND was located only one state over, we didn't take any chances and bought it sight unseen.  Fortunately, we weren't disappointed when we did see the boat.  It's a great and solid boat.


Job one was to get it to Virginia, which we did on a recent Saturday.  We had to rent a U-Haul truck to transport the boat.
The four hour drive only took six.  I was in the tail car, so this was my view for all six hours.
We arrived in one piece and the boat is at the marina being serviced so it will be utterly sound when we launch it.  A thorough cleaning and a complete polishing of the entire boat will be our tasks once we get it back.  It will take a lot of elbow grease (so what's new?) and like all of our projects, we hope it will be totally worth it in the end.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Nifty Thrift Painting

Amidst the busy-ness of the spring, I've managed to find some time for a few little fix-it projects.  One recent fun find is a neat little painting in a damaged wicker frame that I spotted at a Philly thrift store.  I had to have it - it would be perfect for the yellow bedroom at Glenlochan.  Never mind that I've never worked with wicker and really had no clue what it might take to make it whole again.  The price was right and the desire was strong.

 It looked pretty good - a little dirty and dusty - except for the lower left corner which was missing a piece and had damage.
After some research online, I ordered a replacement reed and wicker wrap from a wicker supply store.  I soaked the rod, bent it carefully to shape, let it dry and then set about anchoring it, gluing it, and wrapping it.

After the repair job was fully dry, I carefully painted the entire frame with white Annie Sloane chalk paint to even the color and hide the newly repaired portions. 
Chalk paint requires a wax coat to provide a durable finish. I used the clear wax first on the entire frame and then very sparingly added a bit of dark wax in spots to age the new white paint a bit.  I hadn't worked with chalk paint before, but I had plans to use it in a much larger upcoming project, so this was a good intro to working with the paint and the wax. 

Far from a professional repair job, but I was pretty pleased with the results and cannot wait to hang it in Glenlochan.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Our Life is a (Glorious) Four Ring Circus

Overextended does not begin to describe the past few months, but we are not complaining (at least not much).  It's been a nutty almost first half of the year, nothing catastrophic, thank goodness, special days and hard work abound, lots to be thankful for.  Exhaustion reigns supreme right now, however.  It's been a circus.  A GLORIOUS circus.  Rings of daring feats, perfectly choreographed moves, and suspense interspersed with comedic relief, all vying for our attention, beckoning us with the colorful delights therein.  Turning attention to one ring necessarily means neglecting the others.  But the lure of the others is too great to neglect them for long, so attention quickly shifts again.  And again.  And again.  And, at the end of the day, nothing really gets our full attention, just short spurts of energy, bursts of attention and interest. 

Ring One of the circus is work.  Work has been stimulating, consuming, energizing, and exhausting.  There has been lots of travel in the past few months, many long hours, and many demands.  Add in the travel between Philly and Virginia and it leads to many mornings of not knowing where I am when I wake up. Great view from the office of one city in my recent travels:

In Ring Two we have a  new family member we welcomed into this world in January, a precious new baby who is absolutely perfect, wonderful to behold in his ability to learn so much in such a short amount of time, and staggering in the power he holds over all of us without yet realizing his control.  A delight that is impossible to resist.  Time away feels squandered.

 Ring Three is the Philly project.  Thanks, to Rob, progress hasn't been stalled.  He's been a one-man band, jack of all trades, slowly moving this house into the 21st century.  But his on-going work has interfered with having a few of life's luxuries.  Like a bathroom. Not.  Kidding.  It's been an interesting few months but the green marble tile is the light that keeps us going.

Ring Four is Glenlochan, always the Beacon, inspiring us to keep going with our revival of this grand old structure.  From hiring an interior design consultant to help us make peace with the interior, one room at a time, to heavy duty work outside, we cannot stop moving this forward too.  New rug, courtesy of our designer's great tip:

When immersed in any particular ring, it feels right, focused and good, but something always pulls that focus and the immersion process starts anew.  But, we are powerless to resist any; they all need, want, deserve our attention and so we move from ring to ring, tuning in and tuning out, enjoying (or not) each as we shift and shift again.

For now, we are enjoying the show, running all day, every day.

Just not sure when the circus will be pulling out of town....