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Sunday, August 31, 2014

FAH Post: Project (Almost) Complete

In the spirit of never quite achieving project completion, the Family Adventure House is no exception.  We have reached almost completion but, as always, there remains a few ticky tack items to finish and a few weekend projects to tackle (adding gutters, staining the porch, etc.).  But, the results are pretty awesome and we are happy to call this a wrap...mostly.

Ugly floor vent is gone and replaced with hardwood removed from the kitchen (and I learned how to use a multi tool oscillating cutter in the process - very fun!).

The upstairs and stairway is sporting brand new carpeting.

And the kitchen process has made us big believers in the IKEA kitchen systems - Rob cannot wait to install the next one.  Here's some pictures of the install:

And the finished product, complete with appliances and granite counters:

And the slider trimmed - inside and out:

The house is finally ready for a new family to love it.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

FAH Post: Family Adventure House Photo Dump

So, as with most projects, we are a bit over budget and slightly behind schedule.  The frenetic pace this summer has made keeping up with the posts challenging, but the Family Adventure House is definitely shaping up to be the little gem we envisioned.

Ceiling, floor, and plumbing all provided some surprises that impacted budget and schedule, but now the house is tight, (mostly) plumb, with solid (mostly) level floors.  From this....

To this:

The bathroom now looks awesome - new floor (above), new light... vanity and toilet...
...removal of some tile, nice edge work, and brightening and scouring of the tub and rest of the tile.
We frantically painted the entire interior of the house upstairs and down, including all ceilings (my favorite, NOT) and trim:

After a rough start painting the bathroom (ie, I had to re-do it), Joe turned out to be an awesome painter - detailed and as fussy as I am about the details.  Rob 2 was already quite experienced, so it was good to have help knocking out all the painting instead of doing it solo.

There was also the installation of a sliding patio door to replace the old back door:

Next up - installation of the kitchen - yup - all those boxes are the full kitchen cabinets.  We chose to try Ikea - high ratings, but they are completely un-assembled.  That will keep everyone busy.

And here's the dynamic father/son duo after a long day's work:
We need to rest up for the final push to completion.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Oiling the Ipe

In the crush of getting the house ready for occupancy last year, putting the finishing touches on the porch flooring was the least of our worries.  The ipe flooring has been installed for over a year now (see previous post about the ipe installation) and it was long overdue for its staining/oil/finish seal.  The sun had really faded the wood to grey over the past 12 months and we had various stains and waterspots due to continuing construction - one of the many frustrations of renovation.  Ipe oil, formulated specifically for ipe outdoor flooring, stains, oils and seals the wood in one step.  Rob was confident that the finish coat would remove all traces of staining and restore the wood's beauty; I had my doubts.  Nonetheless, I gamely cleared the porch of the many things we'd been storing there and then scrubbed all traces of dirt from the entire porch.  Here's the clean, un-oiled porch:

Although there are quicker ways to oil a floor surface, I wanted complete control over the coat as it was going on so I did the entire porch with a single brush on my hands and knees.

The results were phenomenal and all in a single coat.  The oil dried beautifully and uniformly, every stain and water mark was gone, and the porch looks amazing. 

I had similar results on the small side porch, see the before and after:

Oiling the ipe will now be an annual event.  It was a bonus that I actually enjoyed the process - fresh air, sunshine, and a great finished project.