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Glenlochan -The Beginning
Glenlochan - The Beginning

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Glenlochan Today
Glenlochan Today

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Philly Post: Master Bedroom Sanctuary

Living amidst construction is challenging to say the least.  The completion of the bathroom was a huge milestone, and recently we hit another - our master bedroom is finally fully completed.  From Frankenstein walls to Hollywood ceilings, the room is now a retreat among the chaos.  It is calm and relaxing, free of clutter, tools, and chaos.  Here's a peek at the plaster repairs Rob spent hours on:

And the finished ceiling after days of Frankenstein:
Then the windows were trimmed out.

 And the new door was installed.
The trim work is amazing.  I cannot take credit for much of this project except finding the trim pictures that Rob recreated in stunning accuracy.  (And, I stained and clear coated all the windows!).

Built in wall to wall closets were installed:

Here's the finished sanctuary:

Ah, bliss.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

One Shade of White

Since we became all fenced in we've been waiting for the wood to age enough to paint it.  It was supposed to be a 2015 project, but it bled into 2016 before we knew it.  Once the wood finally aged enough and the moisture reading was low enough, we then had to wait for the weather to cooperate AND the time to do an extended paint job (yes, I'm still working on the shutters, too).  This spring has been unusually cold and rainy - more like winter than spring - so outdoor projects have been very delayed. 

While we waited for the weather to break, Rob researched available paint products.  After much research, numerous trips to the store, and samples tried on extra pickets, Rob elected to use a solid color stain.  We tested the semi-transparent and the color wasn't satisfactory.  The picket fence had to be the requisite white - not off-white, not some shade of white, but the traditional "picket fence" white.  Quaint, old-fashioned, and utterly perfect (he had a vision). 

First step was to caulk around the post caps and then wash the entire fence.  I helped a bit but Rob did the lion's share of the prep. And, the weather still wasn't cooperating, so some of the washing happened in the rain. 
Then the real work began in earnest.  And solo for Rob as I was traveling for work and he was on his own once the weather broke.  He spent a solid week painting, with my help on the weekend and a bit of assistance from Joe.

The transformation was pretty remarkable.
 The giant orbs were added to the gate posted (gate still to be built):

 Slowly the fence was transformed
Looking pretty close to the vision.  Note the one missed picket, later corrected.

Next up, landscaping around the fence!