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Glenlochan -The Beginning
Glenlochan - The Beginning

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Glenlochan Today
Glenlochan Today

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Philly Post: Good-bye Cheesesteaks!

This will be the final Philly post. After five long years, the Philly project is a wrap. Although we really loved the opportunity to experience big city living, we are back in Virginia now and loving it. Our time on the road has been greatly reduced and the focus is back on Glenlochan and the many projects still to tackle there, more posts coming soon.  We will miss many things about Philly (but cheesesteaks are not one of them!).  Things that will be missed:  La Colombe decaf coffee, BYOB restaurants, the art museum, Sunday brunch at Cake (Eggs Madame are the best ever), and our great neighbors. Things that will NOT be missed:  Philly prices - on everything, long, cold, grey winters that never seem to end, crabby commuters and SEPTA delays, nuff said.

Things I love so far about Fredericksburg:  the VRE (so awesome  - how all commuter trains and their staff should be); the breathtaking Potomac water views my entire commute, HOT weather (don't even mind the humidity), friendly people, fantastic restaurants, amazing shopping, the great vibe of the city, the bike path, and historic downtown and the battlefields.  We'll be exploring everything for a while.  Check out the view on my commute.

It was a hectic few months finishing up the Philly project and moving but, wow, did the house turn out to be a gem.  And, we learned a valuable lesson:  if it can be avoided, we don't want to renovate a small house while living in it. That was the most challenging part and we didn't even have a full house of furniture! Our only regret about the project is that we didn't finish it sooner so we could actually enjoy the fruits of mostly Rob's labors for a bit. Every room received a face lift and the results were, well, see for yourself.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Philly Post: We're Cooking Now!

The Philly kitchen and dining room are finally done, woo hoo.  After months of frozen food, we are back in business and cooking again.  The transformation was pretty remarkable.


And after:

The transformation obviously wasn't that easy.  The clever design doubled the storage space, quadrupled the counter space, and added seating at the counter.  We even fit in a small wine refrigerator.  Not easy accomplishing all that plus getting the window aligned directly over the sink (it was completely off center in the original kitchen, one of my design bugaboos).    True confession, we had to buy another brand new refrigerator because our existing one was 1 inch too wide.  Seriously, one inch.  ARGH.
Rob also finished the dining room and trimming out all of the windows, replacing all of the doors (and he re-oriented the basement door to make the kitchen design work).  Those look amazing, too, as does the brand new hardwood floor he installed:

Sadly, we are currently living in that dining room (yup, sofa, tv, and about a 1 foot walkway between them) so he can tackle the last project - the living room.  It's quite cozy, but that seems to be what we know best!